Great news, we are opening in Boden!

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24 May 2023

– Boden has perhaps the most attractive business climate in northern Sweden right now. It seemed obvious to us that our journey continues right where it is happening. It will be like coming home, we have our roots in Boden. We want to be part of the green transition that is taking place in Norrbotten, fantastic fun with all the investments and new establishments that are being made. Especially the new steel plant that will produce green fossil-free steel,” says Charlie Wiklund, CEO of Miljöservice i Norr.

We have recruited one of the most experienced in the industry who from August 1 will start up in completely renovated premises in central Boden. The same common thread as in Skellefteå with top-class machines, planning tools and equipment. We want to continue building our business on long-term relationships with a focus on safety and health.