Outdoor environment

Miljöservice offers a wide range of services for the outdoor environment, Landscaping management: We take care of everything from cutting and pruning grass, shrubs and trees to fertilizing, watering and weeding to ensure that green spaces are well-maintained and attractive. Our experts design and implement beautiful and functional outdoor spaces. This includes planting plants. Footpath […]

Facility Management – Optimizing the environment, Streamlining operations

Today we work with several property owners. Maintenance, management and development are services required to keep a property or workplace running smoothly and efficiently. Our customers rightly place high demands on our work. We have very experienced management who plan and manage the projects so that we can provide the highest possible service and quality. […]

Miljöservice Norr AB has received a Nordic Growth Certificate from UC.

Miljöservice belongs to the unique minority of companies that show strong growth in turnover, personnel and solvency and has therefore received the UC Nordic Growth Certificate. The seal shows that Miljöservice has distinguished itself as a growth company.The certificate is based on the previous year’s financial statements where growth, profitability, equity ratio and number of […]

Great news, we are opening in Boden!

– Boden has perhaps the most attractive business climate in northern Sweden right now. It seemed obvious to us that our journey continues right where it is happening. It will be like coming home, we have our roots in Boden. We want to be part of the green transition that is taking place in Norrbotten, […]